Buy Amber Stones

Amber, or fossil tree sap from coniferous trees, is considered a gemstone and a unique stone that received renewed interest from the movie “Jurassic Park”. Amber’s golden glow and warmth are definitely part of its natural attraction that is analogous to petrified light.

Because amber is a fossil, many preserved insects, animals, and plants are found inside are tens of millions of years old. These inclusions are what give amber its unique characteristics, and sometimes added value, among the other gemstones. The rarity of the fossil inclusion determines the price of the amber more so than quality.
Fossil inclusions in amber most likely got there when the insect or animal got stuck on the fresh sap on the tree. As more sap oozed out of the tree pores, anything stuck or in the way of the sap was covered completely then fell to the ground to be later covered in dirt. After a while, the sap would harden and eventually became fossilized amber with any inclusions preserved.
There are up to 256 different shades and colors of determined for amber. But since Baltic amber is the most common amber, the most common colors and shades of amber are cognac, honey, green, yellow, cream, and ivory. Blue amber is rare and expensive and found mostly in the Dominican Republic.
Amber gems can be transparent or opaque. Since amber is an organic substance, amber is lightweight and warm to touch, thus no two pieces are alike.